Limited Edition Black Hojicha Cornetto Is Now Available In Malaysia And It Screams Gothic

It’s without a doubt that everyone loves ice cream right? There’s always something about ice cream that makes them so irresistible. Perhaps it’s how ice cream is perfect at any time at any day, be it as an after-meal dessert or simply just a mid-day snack, nothing can beat ice cream.  Now, are you guys ready for the invasion of one of the most gothic ice cream cones? Make way for the Black Hojicha Cornetto from Wall’s!

Time To Get Our Hands On Black Hojicha Cornetto

Black Hojicha Cornetto Malaysia
Photo: @gheartha (Instagram)

If you’re a huge fan of ice cream, you’ll probably already know that the Black Hojicha Cornetto was only available in our neighbouring countries of Indonesia and Thailand. These aesthetically pleasing cones with black and grey undertones took social media by storm. And as usual, when we see something this cool, we’re left to wonder, when will we have it in Malaysia?

Black Hojicha Cornetto Malaysia
Photo: @Địa điểm ăn uống (Facebook)

Well, if you did ponder a bit, then good news! Because the Black Hojicha Cornetto is now available in Malaysia! This means that we can finally get our hands on these gothic beauties. As we’ve yet to sink our teeth into them, we spotted this news from a fellow netizen on Twitter.


Black Hojicha Cornetto Malaysia
Photo: @WahyuYordan (Twitter)

According to @wahyuyordan, he posted on Twitter claiming that there’s a new ice cream flavour. And word is out on the net that the ice cream has chocolate balls as toppings and here’s the best part; there’s molten chocolate lava oozing out from the ice cream too.

Photo: @WahyuYordan (Twitter)

We know, the ice cream looks really good! And our fellow netizen got it from one of the Shell outlets so you guys can probably check out your nearest convenience store and try your luck too! For now, bye! We’re off to hunt them down.

Black Hojicha Cornetto
Photo: @WahyuYordan (Twitter)

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