Here’s How To Make Fragrant Burasak That’s Perfect For Hari Raya Celebration

Hello Foodies! After 2 weeks of Ramadan, there are only 2 weeks left for the Hari Raya celebration. Some of you might already be planning what to cook on Hari Raya. We’re also in the same mood! That’s why today we will be sharing one of the recipes that must have on the table during Hari Raya. So prepare to sink your teeth into a delicious, mouthwatering Burasak recipe!

Try Out This Burasak Recipe At Home!

Photo: @Jabatanwarisannegara (Facebook)

For your information, Burasak is the Bugis dish that features rice wrapped in banana leaf and slow-cooked in coconut milk. The resultant rice parcels are creamy and satin-soft with the flavours of coconut bursting forth in each mouthful!


1 kg rice
250 ml coconut milk
200 ml water
A4 size banana shoot leaves – for wrapping
Old banana leaves – about 20 inches long

Photo: Nora Azizah (Facebook)

Step 1: Coconut milk, rice and salt are cooked first just like making nasi lemak.

Photo: Nora Azizah (Facebook)

Step 2: Then, this hot rice is wrapped like a ‘Lepat’ using banana shoot leaves.

Quick info: Banana leaves are cut from the veins of the leaves, cleaned and melted over a fire before use so that they are easily shaped to wrap.

Photo: @zalinarahim (Instagram)

Step 3: Take 5-6 packets of wrapped rice and stacked and re-wrapped with old banana leaves. Then it is tied with string and steamed for 5-6 hours before serving.

Step 4: Plate your Burasak and serve right away with other Hari Raya side dishes.

Fragrant and flavourful!

Additionally, you can pair the Burasak with the alluring Bugis-influenced dish of Ayam Masak Lengkuas (galangal) or irresistible Asam Pedas. Now that you have another recipe on your hands, it’s time to treat yourself to the fragrant Burasak!

Recipe By: Jabatan Warisan Negara (Department of National Heritage) (Facebook)

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