Domino’s Pizza Brings Back Buy 1 Free 2 Deal For A Limited Time Only

Pizza Party!

Malaysians’ favourite Buy 1 Free 2 pizza deal from Domino’s Pizza returns.


  • Domino’s Pizza Buy 1 Free 2 deal returns.
  • Purchase 1 Regular/Large/Xtra Large Pizza and get FREE 1 Regular Pizza & 1 Side Order(Bread)
  • This deal will only be here for a limited time only.
  • Valid for delivery or takeaway.

Buy 1 Free 2 Deal @ Domino’s Pizza Returns

Hello friends! When it comes to super worthy deals, you know we got your back covered. If you’re an avid fan of Domino’s Pizza then you’ll know that every Tuesday is Pizza Day. But today, our favourite pizza deal returns to give everyone a chance to have a pizza party tonight. Make way for Domino’s Pizza Buy 1 FREE 2 deal!

Domino's Pizza Buy 1 Free 2
Photo: @Domino’sPizzaMY (Facebook)

So, as we all know, when we think of pizza, Domino’s will pop up into our heads. With over 30 pizza toppings to choose from, it’s definitely heaven for all pizza-lovers. Consistently on a weekly basis, Domino’s will roll out attractive deals that no one can resist.

Domino's Pizza Buy 1 Free 2
Photo: @JohorFoodie (Facebook)

But this time around, the Buy 1 Free 2 deal returns and we absolutely will not be missing out on this. Announced on their official Facebook page, this super worthy deal will only be available for a limited time only. Though the exact deal period isn’t mentioned, this deal in the past lasts for a week.

Domino's Pizza Buy 1 Free 2
Photo: @Domino’sPizzaMY (Facebook)

Okay, this deal means that you’ll need to buy 1 Regular Pizza, get 1 Regular Pizza and a choice of bread sides for free! Also, you can choose from Breadstix, Cinnastix, Twisty Bread, Garlic Bread or even Banana Kaya! And the best part is that you can enjoy this deal whether you want to take away or have it delivered to your doorsteps.

Domino's Pizza Buy 1 Free 2
Photo: @Domino’sPizzaMY (Facebook)

Time For A Pizza Party

With this super worthy deal, you can actually save up to RM41.40! Well, what are you waiting for? Order Domino’s for your lunch, dinner or perhaps supper for this week! Bye!

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