First Eco Bakery In Johor Offers Assorted Pastries, Coffee And Ice Cream At Only RM 2.10

Everything At RM 2.10!


  • Malaysia’s first Eco Bakery is now open in Segamat, Johor
  • Eco Bakery serves a wide variety of pastries, ice cream, and drinks.
  • Every item here is priced at only RM 2.10

Pick From Pastries, Ice Cream Or Drinks At Only RM 2.10 At Eco Bakery

Johoreans, look over! We have some delicious yet reasonably priced news that you will absolutely love. Pretty sure you’ve all been to Eco-Shop more than once in your lives right? Well, get ready because the very first Eco Bakery in Malaysia is now open right here in Segamat, Johor!

Eco Bakery Segamat
Photo: @AkipahDeana (Twitter)

Eco-Shop is the locals’ favourite one-stop center for literally anything. With 10,000 items here priced at only RM2.10, it’s like a paradise whereby you can get anything you want. Holding steadfast to their tagline of ‘Life Made Easy’, Eco Shop really did make everyone’s lives that much easier and convenient.

Eco Bakery Segamat
Photo: @AkipahDeana (Twitter)

If Eco Shop is your kind of heaven, then rejoice because they have now expanded their wings and decided to open their very own bakery. And in case you’re wondering, yes, everything here is similarly priced at only RM 2.10. Eco Bakery serves a wide variety of pastries, ice-cream, and drinks.

Eco Bakery Segamat
Photo: @AkipahDeana (Twitter)

Just like the concept practised at all Eco Shop, every single item here in Eco Bakery is also RM 2.10. As for the drinks here, you can pick from  Iced Chocolate, Iced Black Coffee, Iced Coffee, and Iced Eco Coffee. Each cup goes at RM 2.10. As for the ice-cream, seasonal flavours will be launched at different times. Right now, get a taste of their Bingo Mango swirly ice-cream.

Eco Bakery Segamat
Photo: @AkipahDeana (Twitter)

Will You Be Dropping By?

In addition, it is said that the pastries and bread here are all lip-smacking and have a fluffy texture. Since it’s the very first Eco Bakery right here in Johor, shall we all show them some love? The Eco Bakery has the kind of ambiance that would make you stay for just a bit. Besides, with its super affordable price, we’re sure it’ll be everyone’s go-to bakery in no time.

Address: A008, U Sentral, Jalan Utama 3/2, Taman Utama, 85000 Segamat, Johor

Hours: 10 a.m-10 p.m

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