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Johor Has Its Very Own Stairway To Heaven That’s Perfect For Your Instagram

Have you seen photos of people on a flight of stairs that seems to lead up to the sky and thought to yourself how beautiful and insta-worthy it looks? Dubbed the “stairway to heaven”, these wooden stairs are often painted white to help add on to the ethereal vibe people try to achieve in their photos. Good news to Johoreans, there is currently a stair for us to flock to and snap photos for the ‘gram. Let’s check out this Stairway to heaven at Forest City, Johor!

The Infamous Stairway To Heaven At Forest City, Johor!

Photo: @genice.14 (Instagram)
Photo: @wong_peixin (Instagram)

Make your way to Forest City, the recreation center located at Gelang Patah, which is 20 minutes’ drive from the Johor Bahru town. Walk around Forest City and you’ll stumble upon tall coconut trees, beautiful gardens, and the sea. And don’t worry, this place has no entrance fee!

Photo: fxnn.hssn (Instagram)
Photo: @afqanabilah (Instagram)

Apart from this, there are cabanas where you can lounge to relax while overlooking the sea view. The crowd’s new favourite spot, of course, the stairway to heaven is the one that faces the stunning sea. If you know your best angles, you can turn it into an Instagram-worthy picture too!

Photo: @ForestCityCGPV (Facebook)

Besides walking around and immersing in the relaxing landscape, you can also find a public outdoor pool for the kids to have some splash of the water. Visitors can enjoy it without any fee, and it’s a great way to enjoy a hot sunny day. So, the next time when you’re lack of ideas of what to do on the weekends, head over to Forest City for a fun time out and experiment with different angles and photos!

Photo: @cece_haseena (Instagram)

Address: Forest City Country Garden, Forest City 1, Pulau Satu, Gelang Patah, 81550 Johor Bahru, Johor

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