Easy Halal Kimbap Recipe: The Korean Street Snack That’s A Must-Try

Hello Foodies! There are plenty of things we love about Korea and one of them is food – more specifically, street food! Since traveling to Korea isn’t in the cards right now, we’re here to share a halal Kimbap recipe that’ll surely satisfy any K-cravings you may have at the moment!

An Easy Halal Kimbap Recipe For A Go-To Snack!

Photo: @peachonomics (Instagram)

As one of the most well-loved snacks in Korea, kimbap (or gimbap) should be on the list of everyone’s go-to light snacks. You can always get creative by mixing your desire ingredients! Things that can be used include:


Rice (1 Cup)
Mixed vegetables (carrots, cucumbers, spinach)
Dried seaweed
Sesame Oil
Meat, chicken, crab sticks or tuna

Photo: Jaja Bakes (Website)

Step 1: Place the cooked rice into a mixing bowl then add 1/2 tbsp sesame oil and 1/4 tsp fine sea salt (or more to taste). Mix them well with a rice spatula.

Step 2: Pre-heat a pan/skillet. Add a small dash of cooking oil and spread it around the pan. Add the beaten egg and cook both sides well over medium heat. Place the egg omelet on a cutting board and cut it into long strips.

Step 3: In a heated pan, lightly cook the carrots, the optional meat (about 1 min per ingredient), separately, and over medium heat.

Photo: Anis Rahim (Facebook)

Step 4: Gather all the kimbap ingredients at the ‘kimbap rolling station’. This makes it easy to assemble.

Step 5: Place one dried seaweed sheet on the bamboo mat (shiny side down). Put the rice on the seaweed sheet then spread it evenly and thinly to cover about 2/3 of the seaweed. (Leave about 5cm / 2 inches gap at the top of the seaweed).

Step 6: Now fill the seaweed with the filling ingredients. Paste some water on the gap you left. Slice kimbap into bite-size pieces. Ready to serve!

Photo: @leseatgood (Instagram)

Perfect K-Drama Snack!

With this easy halal kimbap recipe, you may have found your next favorite go-to snack to dig into while you catch up on the latest Korean drama! The process of putting it together and rolling the kimbap is fun, so you can get your whole family to create this snack with you!

Recipe By: Anis Rahim (Facebook)

Featured Image: @peachonomics (Instagram), @leseatgood (Instagram), Jaja Bakes (Website)

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