World Renowned Croissant Chain, Hazukido Will Be Opening First Outlet In Johor


Hello there fellow foodies! We’re here again with a piece of buttery, flaky news that will tick your senses. If you guess it’s croissant related, then you’re right. The world-renowned croissant chain, Hazukido is finally making its way to Johor Bahru! Curious to find out where? Just keep scrolling!

Hazukido Set To Open 4th SEA Outlet In Johor Bahru

Before we reveal the exact opening spot for Hazukido, let’s venture a little into the origins of this famous croissant joint. Essentially, Hazukido originates from Taiwan and has expanded to Hong Kong, Macao and Shanghai.

Hazukido Johor Bahru
Photo: @bonjour_lorraine (Instagram)

Less than a year ago, the very first outlet opened in Malaysia and of course, it’s located in SS15, Kuala Lumpur.  Then, the second and third outlet is bound to be in KLCC and MyTOWN KL, respectively. And guess where their 4th outlet is set to be?

Hazukido Johor Bahru
Photo: @HazukidoMalaysia (Facebook)

That’s right, it’ll be right here in Johor Bahru! Woohoo! We’re so glad that they picked Johor to be their next location. Also, this will be the very first outlet in Johor so foodies, you know you won’t wanna miss out on this.

What’s Unique About Hazukido?

Hazukido specialises in croissant making while holding steadfast to the Shokunin spirit of Japan. It’s the spirit of selecting only the highest quality ingredients to ensure perfect and consistent croissants. Moreover, they have a huge variety of croissants with interesting fillings and toppings. But the main highlight is the exclusive folding technique which creates a crispy outer layer and soft inner layer.

Hazukido Johor Bahru
Photo: @HazukidoMalaysia (Facebook)

Now that you know more about Hazukido, let’s get into the core of this article. Hazukido will be opening right here in Toppen Shopping Centre!

Hazukido Johor Bahru
Photo: @HazukidoMalaysia (Facebook)

However, there are no exact dates regarding the opening but it’s expected to begin operation by December 2019. In the meantime, here’s what you guys should order: Brown Sugar Warabi Mochi Croissant, Lemon Icing Croissant and Caramel Brulee Mille-Feuille. 

Hazukido Johor Bahru
Photo: @ericdamiansean (Instagram)
Hazukido Johor Bahru
Photo: @JohorFoodie

Location: Toppen Shopping Centre, Johor Bahru

Opening Date: December 2019

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