IKEA Tebrau Opens New IKEA Cafe With Affordable Coffee, Pastries And More

Hello Foodies! Some of us reserve exciting activities for the weekend while others may take a different route and unwind instead. If you’re a fan of IKEA Malaysia, you might know their famous restaurant that sells a variety of food. However, many didn’t know that IKEA Tebrau just opened their IKEA Café! Keep scrolling as we’re about to tell you more about it!

IKEA Cafe: Cool Chilling Cafe By IKEA!

IKEA is Malaysians’ go-to furniture store for when we need to get some appliances and home accessories when we feel like beautifying our homes. Besides, everything in this store is affordable so really, there’s no reason why we don’t love IKEA.

Anyway, that aside, there’s a brand new Cafe that’s a subsidiary of IKEA Tebrau, known as IKEA Cafe. What’s different between IKEA Restaurant and IKEA Cafe is that IKEA Cafe is a cool small cafe that sells a wide range of coffee, pastries, snacks, and cakes.

Here at IKEA Cafe, you can find pastries starting from RM 2 and Coffee starts from RM 5.90! So, if you’re already up on your feet after finding out this news, then you’ll be more excited because the cafe is now open! Located at Level 1, it is just next to IKEA Bistro!

Drop By IKEA Cafe Today!

Think you’ve got your weekend planned out? Slot in IKEA Cafe into your schedule because there’s nothing better than coffee and pastries. Once you’ve tried them, be sure to let us know what’s your favourite! Have fun and stay safe guys! Bye!

Address: Level 1, IKEA Tebrau @ Toppen Shopping Centre, Johor Bahru

Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM (Opens Daily)

Status: Halal

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