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First Animal Cafe In Johor Bahru Features Cute Wallaby, Ferret and Chinchilla

Cuteness Overload!

If you have an innate love for “cute” creatures, and perhaps you need to release stress? Get your pettin’ hand ready, because here comes Johor Bahru’s first official animal cafe. Called Fluffy Time, this new animal cafe in Johor Bahru is suited for all generations. Keep reading as we’re about to introduce to you guys this really cute spot!

Fluffy Time Animal Cafe Is Your Next Cuteness-Overload Spot

Photo: Fluffy Time (Facebook)

Firstly, Fluffy Time Cafe in JB has started since August this year and has since been locals’ favorite cuddly-animal spot. Moreover, if you have this wish of caressing such cute creatures then this is your opportunity. Curious to find out the features in this cafe? Keep scrolling along!

Fluffy Time Johor Bahru
Photo: @FluffyTime(Facebook)
Fluffy Time Johor Bahru
Photo: @FluffyTime(Facebook)

The idea of Fluffy Time is to provide a fun, casual atmosphere for people to interact with and to learn more about exotic animals while having desserts and drinking coffee. What makes Fluffy Time different from another animal cafe in Johor is their feature of exotic animals like wallabies, marmots, skunks and many more!

Fluffy Time The Animal Cafe Johor
Photo: FLUFFY TIME (Facebook)
Fluffy Time Johor Bahru
Photo: @FluffyTime(Facebook)

Let’s talk about all the fun things at Fluffy Times. The place is really near Johor Bahru town. Besides, it’s located only 5 minutes drive from City Square and CIQ.  Oh, you can also snap some real #instaworthy pic at the cafe as the owner provide some cool background spots.

Fluffy Time The Animal Cafe Johor
Photo: @fluffytime_jb (Instagram)

Of course in the name of the cafe, they will serve food. At Fluffy Time, the place not only provides coffee and tea but also they have choices from western food to adorable artsy desserts! How can you resist a chance to snuggle the animals while sipping on a few drinks?

Fluffy Time The Animal Cafe Johor
Photo: @annyew (Instagram)

Rules & Regulations At Fluffy Time

Also, there are age limits in the animal area – children aged 8 or above can enter the animal area to interact with the small animals! Plus, the animal’s rest and dining time are from 4:30 PM to 6 PM so visitors are not allowed to enter during this time. Only 10 people are allowed to be in the animal playroom each time.

This animal cafe truly cares and prioritizes the well-being of the exotic pets so fret not because our fluffy friends are being well taken care of here!

Photo: @iamyuxuannn (Instagram)

Address:  No 60, Jalan Intan, Kim Teng Park, 80250 Johor Bahru

Operation Hours: 12:30 PM – 10 PM (Closed on Tuesday)

Animal Area: 1.30PM – 4.30PM & 6.00PM – 10.00PM

Social Media: Facebook

So come get your coffee and cute animals fix all in one place! Just hop by to Fluffy Time, Johor Bahru and we’ll guarantee you won’t wanna leave this place. See you guys in the next post!

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