Premium Japanese Shaved Ice, Kakiyuki Will Be Opening First Outlet In Johor Bahru

Fellow foodies, we have news! Not just any news, but news that will guarantee to relieve you guys from the scorching hot weather in Johor. This begs the question, who doesn’t love finely-shaved ice dessert that instantly melts in your mouth right? If you’re one who can never get enough of cooling desserts, then heads up. Because, Kakiyuki will be opening the first Johor Bahru outlet in March!

Kakiyuki Will Be Here In Johor Bahru Soon!

Kakiyuki is previously known as Kakigori but the alteration in name strives to distinguish its brand and avoid confusion at the same time. This is because Kakigori is the general term for shaved ice and Kakiyuki aspires to stand out instead of just blending in.

kakiyuki Penang
Photo: (Facebook)

Alright, so let’s get on to what Kakiyuki serves and why should you make your way to hype up the place in March. In brief, there’s a wide array of kakigori flavours here such as Uji Matcha, Tiramisu, Hojicha and many more. There are also a few unique and rare shaved ice flavours such as Matcha Colada, Black Forest S’mores, Blue Dream and many more. The best part is that each bowl of shaved ice here is handcrafted with premium ingredients and real fruits. We’re so excited to give Kakiyuki a try!

Kakiyuki Johor Bahru
Photo: @sstevelee (Instagram)

Wait, that’s not all that they have here! In fact, you can also find Wagashi (Mochi confectionary), as well as Roll Cakes here. So, it’s the perfect place if you’re looking to dine all the way Japanese. On their official Instagram page, Kakiyuki posted a teaser asking netizens to guess the location of their first outlet.

kakiyuki Penang
Photo: (Facebook)
Kakiyuki Johor Bahru
Photo: @marissavoo (Instagram)

With outlets over in Penang, Klang Valley, and even San Franciso, this time, it’s our turn. So fellow shaved ice lovers, be on the lookout! If there’s any confirmation, we’ll let you guys know.

Kakiyuki Johor Bahru
Photo: @walids (Instagram)

Oh, and just one more thing, 10 Lucky Winners will be invited to the grand opening of Kakiyuki in Johor Bahru! All you gotta do is guess the location! Click on the post to find out how you can be one of the lucky kakis!

Kakiyuki Johor Bahru
Photo: (Facebook)

Address & Operating Hours: To Be Confirmed

Social Media:  Facebook | Instagram

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