This Street Stall In Mersing Is Where You Can Get Kuih Bahulu Baked Using Coconut Fiber

Hello, our dearest foodies! Always wanted to relive nostalgic memories? Well, we have found the perfect place for you! Enjoy this spot in Mersing that sells Kuih Bahulu. Yes, you might be wondering what’s so special about this eatery. Well, this eatery is a nostalgic piece that has been baked Bahulu using coconut fiber and wood. Keep scrolling as we want to tell you guys more about Kedai Bahulu Bakar Bersabut.

Kedai Bahulu Bakar Bersabut: A Must-Try When You’re In Mersing!

Photo: @tourismjohor (Facebook)

In this article, we’ll be talking about a must-go-to spot if you happen to be in Mersing. Kedai Bahulu Bakar Bersabut has always been a favourite spot for snacks for both locals and tourists. If you haven’t tasted this delicacy yet, then you’ll definitely be enticed to try it once you’ve read this!

Photo: @tourismjohor (Facebook)

Tucked in a rural location, this stall at Jalan Tanjung Kepit is quite the talk of the town. As many people are familiar with Bahulu that cooked in a modern way, this stall took a unique turn by making the Kuih Bahulu inside the copper mold and baked using coconut fiber and wood. The aroma of this traditionally baked Kuih Bahulu is able to appeal to your taste buds while recalling the memories of making Kuih Bahulu with our grandparents in the past.

Photo: @tourismjohor (Facebook)

So, when you guys are planning to visit Mersing, don’t forget to search for Kedai Bahulu Bakar Bersabut in Jalan Tanjung Kepit. You definitely don’t want to miss the nostalgia and fluffiness of their Kuih Bahulu!  See you guys in the next post!

Photo: @tourismjohor (Facebook)

Address: KTK 11, Jalan Tanjung Kepit, Mersing J75, 86900 Johor

Contact No: 011-1212 5871

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