KKM: A Guideline On Self Quarantine Duration If Tested Positive Covid-19

How are you doing friends? Truth is always harder to swallow but it will save lives. As we speak, hospitals around the nation can no longer support the number of positive Covid-19 patients in Malaysia. So we have to be responsible towards ourselves and the people around us. If you are tested positive and you are ordered to self-quarantine, here’s a little guideline on how long you should do it.

Self-quarantine Duration For Positive Covid-19 Cases

Recently, KKM shared on their social media a guideline for people who were tested positive Covid-19 and ordered to perform self-quarantine at home. They shared 3 situations altogether and the duration differs from one another.

Self Quarantine guideline
Photo: @KementerianKesihatanMalaysia (Facebook)

3 Situations During Self-quarantine

  • Situation 1 (Positive case with no symptoms):

10 days – Including Covid-19 screening day.

  • Situation 2 (Positive case with symptom): 

14 days – Including 2 days when the symptom started and 8 days after Covid-19 screening. If the symptom still continues, proceed to self-quarantine for 4 more days and seek further treatment within the period.

  • Situation 3 (Positive case with symptoms that occurs during self-quarantine):

10 days or more – Including Covid-19 screening day and 10 more days after symptoms occur.

self quarantine guideline
Photo: @BernamaRadio (Twitter)

Stay Safe Friends

To all friends that are tested positive and currently in quarantine, kindly remember to adhere to the rules ya. Hopefully, we will get through MCO 2.0 just as quickly as we did last year. Chaiyok Malaysia!

Source: Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

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