This Twitter User Reveals The Condition Inside A COVID-19 Red Zone At Kluang, Johor


  • A video shared by a Twitter user shows workers sending food and supplies to the front of her house.
  • The situation happens at Kluang, Johor.
  • Every two days, there will be volunteers delivering food supplies.

The enhanced MCO means that those inside the red zones cannot leave their houses and will have essentials dropped off at their doorsteps by the Welfare Department.  If you’re curious about how things are like in areas with enhanced MCO, then you need to keep reading. This Twitter post reveals how life inside one of the Johor red zone is like.

“Like A Movie Of Hunger Games”

Photo: @intan_nurdiyana (Twitter)

Many Malaysian social media users have been sharing their experiences of living inside COVID-19 red zones which are under an enhanced movement control order (MCO). The latest news from MOH is that there is no increase in the number of Red Zones in Johor. For now, the red zones include Kluang, Batu Pahat, and Johor Bahru.

Intan Nurdiyana, residing in Kluang recently shared a video showing workers sending food and supplies to her. Watch the video here:

“I think it’s like a movie of hunger games when there is a segregated district when volunteers deliver food supplies near the lockdown,” wrote Intan referring to the famous The Hunger Game movie. “Every two days there will be volunteers delivering food supplies, but they won’t come up to the house and greet you. They’ll just honk and leave,” she added.

Stay At Home!

The volunteers in Intan’s video were seen wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) from head-to-toe and practiced social distancing when dropping off the items. We hope everyone will cooperate and will not go out during the Movement Control Order and always remember to stay safe!

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