Massimo The Italian Baker Announces Temporary Disruption To Its Operations

Good day friends and family! What’s your daily breakfast routine like? Some of us cannot function without a sip of our favourite coffee and a bite of our favourite bread. Now speaking of bread, did you guys also happen to realize that you stopped seeing Massimo products on the shelves? Well, there’s a perfect explanation for that. The Italian Baker Sdn. Bhd. has announced that its operations are currently undergoing temporary disruptions.

Massimo Operations Under Temporary Disruption

According to the announcement on its official Facebook page, “due to the heightened cases of COVID-19 infection in Klang, there will be some temporary disruption to its operations”. Furthermore, this is part of their effort to “implement additional precautionary and preventive measures in accordance with the procedures of the Klang Municipal Council”.

Photo: @WarisanDailyMart (Facebook)

In addition to that, the statement also expressed an utmost concern to the customers’ and employees’ well-being. With that, they have taken all the necessary steps in enforcing the SOPs in cooperation with various government authorities such as KKM, MITI, as well as local councils.

Massimo Temporary Disruption
Photo: @Pasaraya PKT (Facebook)
Massimo Temporary Disruption
Photo: @massimobreadmalaysia (Facebook)

Operations Will Be Commenced Soon

So if you’re out looking for your favourite loaf of Massimo, then do be patient and understanding for the time being. Rest assured that Massimo will commence its operations as soon as possible. Bye!

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