This Restaurant In Tangkak Serves Unique, Fragrant Mee Bandung With Ribs

Hello, our dearest Foodies! We all know that Mee Bandung has always been a staple food in Johor. So, in today’s entry, we spotted this restaurant located right here in Bukit Gambir, Tangkak that’s famous for selling Mee Bandung with ribs. Tuck in as we’re about to introduce to you guys more about this restaurant!

A Hidden Gem In Tangkak Selling Mee Bandung Ribs

Photo: Syahizuddin Haziq (Facebook)

Whenever someone mentions Mee Bandung, instantly we imagine the noodles in a thick sauce with the sweetness of the shrimp and half-boiled egg yolk. Owned by a Malay-Muslim, the restaurant is located at Simpang Lima Pekan Bukit Gambir, Tangkak. They serve assorted Mee Bandung from the original, meatball, prawn, and also their signature ribs version.

Photo: Syahizuddin Haziq (Facebook)

Their signature Mee Bandung Ribs price is only RM 15 per bowl! Besides, their aromatic Sup Tulang is also a hit! Their assorted kind of fried rice is huge favorites. Other favourite offerings include chicken and meat satay. Perfectly tempting!

Photo: Syahizuddin Haziq (Facebook)

Perfect Dinner!

By SOP issued by the government, the restaurant follows the arrangement of the tables and chairs during the RMCO. Remember to SHARE this piece of great news with your fellow foodie buddies out there and always stay safe!

Photo: Syahizuddin Haziq (Facebook)

Status: Muslim-Owned

Address: Simpang Lima Pekan Bukit Gambir, 84800 Tangkak, Johor

Operation Hours: 5 PM – 11 PM (Closed on Tuesday)

Contact No: 017-637 4356

Link(s) Facebook

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