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MrSpeedy Malaysia Is Now Serving JB Markets With The Same Day Delivery

Hello, foodies! Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many of us might be staying home more or even working from home to practice some social distancing. If we’re guessing right, you’re probably looking for delivery in JB to fulfill our need while you’re at home. Building off of its success in Klang Valley, MrSpeedy Malaysia has answered customer requests and expanded its service to Johor Bahru markets. All with the same devotion to reliability, speed, and low prices. So grab your phone and start ordering!

MrSpeedy Is Offering Same Day Delivery Service in Johor Bahru

Having access to an affordable, complication-free, same-day delivery service in Malaysia can be immensely valuable to businesses and individuals. Since 2018, MrSpeedy Malaysia has delivered all of this and more serving the Klang Valley market to great feedback. Celebrating crossing its one million deliveries milestone, MrSpeed y has now expanded and is serving the Johor Bahru neighborhood market. The response to this news has been very enthusiastic and supportive by the locals.

MrSpeedy has delivered parcels from all categories, including highlights like food, beverages, gifts, flowers, cakes, documents, auto parts, health, beauty products and more!

“MrSpeedy has come a long way since the end of 2018 and we are glad to be able to support businesses
especially during these difficult times,” commented Chun Hean Goh, MrSpeedy Malaysia Country Manager. “Since MCO 1.0 started, we have helped over 50,000 businesses in running their deliveries and increased our delivery volume up to 1500%. With the constant demand and growth within our business, we are confident that we will expand well within the Johor Bahru and Penang markets.”

Same-day Delivery Service

As it continues to provide the least expensive same-day delivery service in the areas it is active, big plans continue for the near future. In addition, MrSpeedy will debut its one-ton lorry services across Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and the Penang island markets. Currently, all motorbike, car, and one-ton lorry delivery options are available for orders.

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  • To learn more or book a delivery, visit

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