This Roadside Stall In Johor Serves A Generous Amount Of Fried Rice For Only RM5

Johor’s roadside stalls have always been redefining the food scene in Johor. Apart from enjoying local dishes like putu piring, banana fritters, or char kway, you can find gooey mac and cheese and pizza too! But one stall is taking it up a notch by being the stall that specialises in Fried Rice in Pasir Gudang!

Satisfy Your Quest Of Fried Rice At This Stall In Pasir Gudang!

Photo: Si Bunga Lili (Facebook)

If you’re a fan of the all-time comfort food, this is one stall you won’t want to miss. This SPM graduate decided to open a stall to sell fried rice to help accommodate his mother. Cooked on the spot, he serves hearty fried rice dishes for you to takeaway and slowly savour at home. The best part of it all is no doubt its price as one portion is only RM5! Reviews from netizens have said that the fried rice is tasty and portions are huge too.

Photo: Si Bunga Lili (Facebook)

You can choose from four different types of fried rice – Chicken fried rice, Beef fried rice, Prawn fried rice and Squid fried rice. They even have offer whereby spicy fried noodles at a whopping RM 5 as well. If you’re a fan of spicy, their signature chicken fried rice (RM 5) known as ‘Kampung-Style’ fried rice is highly recommended. 

Photo: Si Bunga Lili (Facebook)

Warm and Tasty!

So if you’ve been looking to uncover the next hidden gem and looking for something really affordable, this fried rice stall should be next on your list. With scrumptious fried rice, your comfort food just got way better! And remember to SHARE this piece of great news with your fellow foodie buddies out there!

Photo: Si Bunga Lili (Facebook)

Address: Jalan Intan 12, Taman Cahaya Masai, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor (in front of Al Abrar)

Status: Muslim-Owned

Operation Hours: 11 AM – 6 PM (Opens Daily)

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