This Hidden Stall In Pasir Gudang Sells Nasi Lemak Wrapped In Sempo Leaves

Who doesn’t love good nasi lemak? The nasi lemak culture here has gotten increasingly creative over the years and it is no surprise that the locals and even foreigners still can’t get enough of this staple dish. You can pretty much try any type of nasi lemak and still experience different flavours that’ll tickle your taste buds. So, in today’s entry, we are inspired to share this spot located right here in Pasir Gudang that wraps their nasi lemak using Sempo leaves. Tuck in to find out more about this unique Nasi Lemak!

Nasi Lemak Daun Sempo: A Must-Try When You’re In Pasir Gudang!

Photo: JohorFoodie

Tucked in a rural location, this stall near Kong Kong Jetty is quite the talk of the town. As many people are familiar with Nasi Lemak that’s wrapped in banana leaves, this stall took a unique turn by wrapping Nasi Lameak with Sempo leaves. Sempo leaves are a kind of leaf that people used to wrap Tempe with in the olden days. The fragrance of the nasi lemak is pleasantly sweeter, attracting many walks of life!

Priced at RM2.00 in a pack of sambal, peanuts, anchovies, cucumber and hard-boiled egg, it’s a classic combination that’s hard to resist. Besides the traditional sambal, they’re also selling a selection of unique sambals you can choose from such as mussels, clams and cockles. Simply grab a packet from the table and unwrap this parcel of savoury goodness.

For foodies with an appetite for more, they also serve really good Lontong Kering and Nasi Ambang that are also wrapped in Sempo leaves. Once you’re done feasting, you can walk around Kong Kong Jetty as you can take photos and buy fresh kinds of seafood at nearby stalls. So, there you have it, one more nasi lemak eatery in Johor to add to your list!

Address: Kampung Kong Kong Laut, 81760 Masai, Johor (beside Kong Kong Jetty)

Operation Hours: 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM (Opens Daily)

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