Pizza Hut Shows Up At Domino’s, McDonald’s & KFC’s Doorsteps With A Box Of Pizza Heart & Note

In this season of love, Pizza Hut Malaysia has decided to go extra ‘cheesy’ with surprise romantic deliveries – of a piping hot heart-shaped pizza! This cheeky but loving gesture is creatively arranged as part of its latest campaign in encouraging Malaysians whether friends or foes, to give love a chance with Pizza Heart.

Introducing, Pizza Heart – a limited-time special that is passionately crafted with love, featuring selection of Pizza Hut’s signature toppings including Hawaiian Chicken, Aloha Chicken, Beef Pepperoni and Chicken Pepperoni in a heart-shaped pizza crust. The campaign creatively showcases the brand’s commitment to provide better experience to its customers through a creation that befits the special occasion.

Pizza Hut is playing it cheeky by showing up at fellow competitors’ doorsteps including ‘Endabyu’ (A&W), ‘Teksas’ (Texas Chicken), ‘Mekdi’ (McDonald’s), ‘Kepci’ (KFC), as well as rival brand, ‘Domeeno’ (Domino’s) with a box of Pizza Heart. Spreading love in rivalry, this special delivery is accompanied by a personalized ‘love’ note for each brand.

Pizza Hut candidly wrote, “Dear Domeeno, my lovely neighbour. Greeting from us at Pizza Heart. Specially made with love and no hard fillings!”

KFC also receives an endearing yet playful note on their Chicken-Pizza creation from Pizza Hut which goes, “Dear Kepci, i know you love pizza. But ‘Chizza’ is not Pizza. Here is a Piz’ za Heart with love from us. We belanje.”

Pizza Hut further goes out to cure loneliness with a lovely offer to McDonalds with a message, “Dear Mekdi, your burgers are cool. But don’t be a chiken ah. Give this new Piz’za Heart a try. We heard Everyone’s Lovin’ It.”

Having plenty of love to share, Pizza Hut also takes in the delight to surprise its top fans with the heart-shaped pizza.

“The motive here is simple – if you love someone, send them Pizza Heart. We have mad respect to our competitors and huge love towards our loyal fans so we thought that it would be fun to share a ‘Piz’za’ our heart through the surprise delivery,” said Jean Ler, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut Malaysia.

Pizza Heart Aloha Chicken
Pizza Heart Beef Pepperoni

“Rather than settle for less, Pizza Hut wants to encourage everybody to open up and give love a chance with Pizza Heart. We hope that this romantic twist is able to spice up your relationship with its cheesy, hearty combo that will leave you falling in love at the first bite,” she added.

Pizza Heart is available at all Pizza Hut restaurants and delivery concepts nationwide now until 16th February 2020 or while stocks last.

You can enjoy Pizza Heart from RM39.90 a la carte, while combo options are also available both through delivery, take away or dine in. For more information, please visit

Source: Press Release

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