Secret Recipe Malaysia Introduces Its Very Own Creamy, Rich Burnt Cheesecake

Cheesecake Lovers, Rejoice!

Good afternoon friends! Did you guys realize that the weather in Johor has been unbearably hot these days? While we can always look for a cooling drink, there’s nothing that complements that with a slice of sweet treat. If you’re still in search of a creamy decadent slice of cake, then you need to check this out. Secret Recipe Malaysia will be releasing its very own version of Burnt Cheesecake! Yay!

Secret Recipe Now Has Its Very Own Version Of Burnt Cheesecake

Speaking of Secret Recipe, most of us would immediately think of their line of extensive cheesecakes. That, as well as the attractive cake deals that we will never miss out on. Over the years, Secret Recipe has been constantly upgrading their menu with new cake flavours such as Butterfly Pea Lemon Cheesecake, Rose Lychee Cake and more.

Photo: @SecretRecipeMsia (Facebook)

Let’s admit that most of us here love burnt cheesecakes. We mean, what’s there not to love right? From its creamy, rich texture on the inside to its slightly charred caramelized outside, talking about it is already leave us drooling. Oh, did we mention that once upon a time during MCO, our feed was literally filled with nothing but Basque Burnt Cheesecakes and Dalgona Coffee? Good times, indeed.

Secret Recipe Burnt Cheesecake
Photo: @SecretRecipeMsia (Facebook)

Being a cake that’s well-loved by Malaysians, of course Secret Recipe has to hop on the bandwagon and make our wishes come true right? So, lo and behold, we’re welcoming the Secret Recipe Burnt Cheesecake! According to its description, this item is “the ultimate cheesecake that is extra creamy on the inside and caramelized on the outside for a bittersweet note.”

Secret Recipe Burnt Cheesecake
Photo: @SecretRecipeMsia (Facebook)

Calling All Cheesecake Lovers, It’s Time To Indulge

Now available at all Secret Recipe outlets, you guys know what’s for after-dinner dessert tonight. Or, just kick back and indulge in a slice (or a few) of burnt cheesecakes to boost your energy so you can hustle through this week. Bye for now and enjoy!

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