Single Mother In JB Carries And Sells 30KG Of Kuih Every Day To Make A Living

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that a mother’s love knows no bounds. The past year has not been an easy one for the majority of us. But despite the hardship, this single mother in JB endures it all by carrying a tray of Kuih weighing 30kg to be sold to the public. And she does this by foot, every single day without fail at Taman Sutera Utama from the afternoon until she manages to sell off each piece.

Hardworking Mother Sells Kuih By Foot For A Living

According to a Facebook post by 文宝珠, she mentioned that the lady seller is a single mother who carries a 30kg tray filled with Kuihs to be sold to the passersby. She does this to make a living for herself and her two children.

Photo: @文宝珠 (Facebook)

Every single day, she will be at Sutera Mall from 1.30 PM onwards until the Kuehs are all sold out. She will sometimes be at Jaya Mas in the evening and Mutiara Mas at night. Additionally, the netizen also pointed out that the seller was seen limping while trying to sell the Kuih in hand.

Photo: @文宝珠 (Facebook)

A Tiny Help Often Goes A Long Way

So if we can, we should all show some support to this tough mother who’s enduring it all for her little family. Besides, in trying times like these, any form of helping hand will always go a long way.

Photo: @文宝珠 (Facebook)

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