Subway®️ Drops 2 New ‘Pedas’ Subs Spicy Mayo Chicken & Hot Pepper Chicken


Hello friends! Any sandwich lovers here? When we think of sandwiches, we’ll automatically think about Subway as we get to customise our own Sub. For breakfast, you can opt for Chicken Slice and Egg while for lunch a Bulgogi Chicken Sub and dinner, Breaded Chicken Cutlet. If you’re a huge fan of Subway’s spicy subs, then you need to get ready for this. Today, we’re bringing you flaming, hot news, because this time, Subway is releasing not 1 but 2 spicy Subs! Make way for Spicy Mayo Chicken and Hot Pepper Chicken!

Let’s Get Spicy With Subway’s New Pedas Subs

Okay, so Subway’s latest Spicy Subs are here to challenge your tastebuds. Ready to find out more about these new ‘pedas’Subs? The Spicy Mayo Chicken consists of succulent chicken strips with chilli flakes, doused in a tangy, spicy Cajun-style sauce for an explosion of flavours.

Subway Pedas Subs
Photo: @PenangFoodie

On the other hand, the Hot Pepper Chicken comes with tender, sweet and savoury chicken strips in hot pepper sauce for a fiery sensation. You’ll get spicy, sweet and savoury all in one delectable Sub.

Subway Pedas Subs
Photo: @PenangFoodie

The mere description of these new Subs is enough to fire things up but if you’re a die-hard fan of all things spicy, they have more! Go ahead and #TambahPedas by requesting for additional chilli flakes on your Subs! Here’s a friendly tip: Each spicy Sub already has chilli flakes but if you live by the motto; the more the merrier, take up the #TambahPedas challenge!

Subway Pedas Subs
Photo: @PenangFoodie

Take On The #TambahPedas Challenge

So, think you’ve got what it takes to handle Subway’s new Pedas Giler Subs? Bring along your spicy-lover buddies and challenge one another out with these Subway Spicy Subs! Besides, there’s nothing better than adding some spice into our lives. See you guys at Subway!

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