ARMYs Assemble! Stand A Chance To Win OFFICIAL BT21 Merchandises Worth RM500 With Sunsilk

RJ, Cooky, Tata, Chimmy, Van, Mang, Koya, Shooky!

It will be shocking to know if an ARMY does not possess at least one BTS merchandise. Be it cup sleeves, or keychains, or even stickers, an ARMY will do their best to collect the goodies. Showing everlasting devotion towards this admirable boy band and their adorable mascots, the BT21. Now, getting official merchandise can get a bit costly. However, if buying a bunch of hair products would give you the chance to get one, why not?

Photo: @SunsilkMalaysia (Facebook)

Sunsilk Suprise Contest

Sunsilk announced that they will host a contest featuring BTS cute mascots; BT21. The contestants will stand a chance to win BT21 merchandises worth RM500 every week. With a minimum of RM10 worth of Sunsilk product purchase, you will be eligible for one entry. The contest will go on from 11th May – 7th June 2020.

Photo: @SunsilkMalaysia (Facebook)

Here’s how you can join:
1. Purchase RM10 worth of any Sunsilk products.
2. Submit your proof of purchase (invoice/receipt) via WhatsApp to this number +601151160488.
3. Please remember to keep your proof of purchase for verification later on.
4. Answer this question: ‘Why do you love Sunsilk?’ in 15 words or less.

And that’s just it! All you have to do is sit tight and you’ll be contacted if you are one of the shortlisted winners. Click this link to know more. Furthermore, you can visit their special e-store on Lazada and Shopee for more products.

Photo: @SunsilkMalaysia (Facebook)

Licensed BT21 Items Are Coming Soon

Meanwhile, according to the hair products company, they will announce an exciting promotion also featuring BT21 items. So ARMYs beware! Here’s the link to the terms and conditions of the contest so make sure that you have read it through and understand it fully. It’s like getting two birds with one stone! By the end of this, you will get healthy, bouncy hair and if you are lucky, you might win this one in a lifetime BT21 merchandise! Good Luck!

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