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The Largest Light Festival in Johor Happening Now (Entrance At RM5 Only)

Come One, Come ALL!

Good day foodies! We know the weekend incoming marks the beginning of a whole new adventure. Besides, we’re talking about Johor. There are always some hidden gems to discover, right? Well, today we have some bright news on our hands. The LARGEST light festival is taking place this weekend and it’s all right here in Johor!

Turn On The Largest Lights in Johor’s Light Festival This 2019

Photo: @ViralMuafakatJohor (Facebook)

So, where exactly will this light festival be and what is so interesting about this event, you ask? Well, this light festival will be taking place at the open carpark of Permas Jaya, Masai. But the EXACT place of this light festival is right in front of KFC, the open air field.

Photo: @ViralMuafakatJohor (Facebook)

In addition, this festival will be taking place from the 26th June all the way till 14th July 2019. That’s more than 2 weeks so make sure you pick one of the days and visit this awesome event! Also, did we tell you guys that entrance ticket is FREE OF CHARGE? This means there will be a large crowd there witnessing the light festival so join in on the fun!

Photo: @ViralMuafakatJohor (Facebook)

However, there is no exact detail regarding the exact starting time of this event but we can safely bet that at 7PM, the place will light up.

Photo: @ViralMuafakatJohor (Facebook)

Also, since it’s the weekend, why not bring your loved ones and enjoy a show of bright, sparkly lights with a breezy stroll? While you guys are at it, do let us know what you guys think about this in the comments section below. Have a great and sparkly weekend, foodies!

Photo: @ViralMuafakatJohor (Facebook)

Location: In front of KFC, Parking Lot, Permas Jaya, Masai, Johor

Date: 26th June 2019 – 14th July 2019

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