Top 10 Eateries You Have To Try In Mid Valley Southkey

Ain’t it exciting whenever something new rolled into town? We’re super thrilled about Mid Valley Southkey and that’s why today, we came up with a list of Top 10 Eateries You Have To Try In Mid Valley Southkey. Stay with us as we uncover the best eateries in the mall for you from everyone’s’ favourite fast-food chains, lovely bakeries to them good-old familiar family restaurants. Let’s get right into it, shall we 😉

Top 10 Eateries You Have To Try In Mid Valley Southkey

#1 Din Tai Fung

@ksy.syk.foodie (Instagram)
@leeseeteoh (Instagram)

You can’t deny that Din Tai Fung is the first thing to come to your mind when I mention xiao long bao right. Their xiao long bao is so popular with the crowd because fresh batches are made daily from scratch by professional chefs. No doubt that xiao long bao is one of the staple pieces in a Chinese restaurant. So we’re saying, you should definitely try it!

@lengong (Instagram)

#2 Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

@chirchirmy (Instagram)
@chirchirmy (Instagram)

Can I get a YAYYY from them, Korean fried chicken lovers? You guys are super duper blessed to be able to have a taste of the fried chickens Chir Chir has to offer! Only the freshest chickens are used which results in superior taste and texture, come and get some today! Be careful because you might fall in love at first whiff, don’t ever say we never warned you.

#3 Texas Chicken

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If you’re in for some yummy American-style fried chicken, we have Texas Chicken for you! It is agreed by everyone that their honey butter biscuit is the best thing ever, having one is simply not enough. Coated in honey that brings forth the sweet taste, together with the crunchiness of the biscuit, our day is made!

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#4 Awa Mee Bar

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Awa Mee Bar is nothing new to Johoreans. In fact, I think you guys are all too familiar with this franchise which started right in Johor Bahru. But nevertheless, it remains one of Johoreans’ favourite place for noodles. All noodles are served in claypots and the noodles are wonderfully seasoned that every bite that you take, you taste yumminess.

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#5 Dubuyo

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Who wouldn’t drool at the image of piping hot jigae filled with delectable ingredients, spicy enough to give your taste bud a kick. All jigae dishes are freshly cooked using a choice of chicken broth or beef broth, the jiggly tofus make us wanna have more!

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#6 Boat Noodle

Boat Noodle
Boat Noodle

Get your little bowls of happiness here! Authentic kuaitiao ruea from Thailand which has a strong flavour will leave you wanting more after each bowl. Not forgetting to mention, they serve many more Thai dishes that are mouth-watering!

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#7 Souper Tang

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Not only their signature chicken soup is nourishing to the body but souper (pun attack!) good as well! Using only the finest imported ingredients, you can rest well knowing whatever you’re consuming is actually boosting your immune system. Workaholics, you should totally grab some of these!

@jxnr (Instagram)

#8 Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe

@sevenoaksbakerycafemy (Instagram)
@sevenoaksbakerycafemy (Instagram)

You would think finding a good pastries shop or bakery in the mall would be hard. But let me tell you otherwise, there’s quite a number of good bakeries here in Mid Valley Southkey. One of them is Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe which also serves food like tom yam noodle. Pretty legit righttt!

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#9 HeyCha

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HeyCha (Facebook)

If you’re huge bubble milk tea fan (like me), your eyes would light up instantly whenever you see a bubble milk tea shop! HeyCha got me looking their way as they hola at me from afar, but actually what you should really pay attention to is their fruit tea series. Looking at the colours, you’ll feel like as if you’re being pulled in! That’s great though because their fruit teas are truly refreshing.

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HeyCha (Facebook)

#10 dipndip

@dipndipmalaysia (Instagram)
@dipndip (Instagram)

My jaw dropped again and again (if that even makes any sense at all) by the variety of food this mall gotta offer! Chocolate lovers, you can also fulfill your chocolate dreams here! Everything chocolate coated, dipndip is basically heaven for you guys. Did anybody say desserts?

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Top 10 Eateries You Have To Try In Mid Valley Southkey

The end. We’re pretty pumped to see what else this mall gotta offer in the future but for now, let’s not get too greedy and enjoy whatever we have now! See you 😉


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