This New Cafe In Mount Austin Serves Beautiful Fine French Desserts & More

Hey there friends! Let’s admit that we all love novel things. And one other thing that we can all unanimously agree on is desserts. In fact, we all have a separate tummy that’s solely meant for desserts alone. Well, if you’re already nodding to all 3 statements, we have news. There’s a brand new cafe in JB that serves fine French desserts and more called Ukiyo Cafe. Keep reading!

Ukiyo Cafe: A New Cafe Serving Fine French Desserts In JB

Johor Bahru is a land of delicious street food. Ranging from Kacang Pool to Koay Teow Kia, JB also has a rather blooming cafe scene. In fact, over the weekends, locals will sometimes opt for cafe hopping just to enjoy a cup of coffee with a slice of cake.

Ukiyo Cafe Mount Austin JB
Photo: @UkiyoCafe (Facebook)

If you consider yourselves a sweet tooth, or perhaps you’re just looking for an aftermeal dessert spot, then we’re here to pass on the word. Ukiyo Cafe at Mount Austin JB should be on your must-visit list. This cafe boasts a minimalist interior with a light brown and pink colour palette.

Ukiyo Cafe Mount Austin JB
Photo: @UkiyoCafe (Facebook)

Upon stepping foot into this cafe, you’ll feel a calming and comfortable breeze washing over you. Then, make your way over to the glass display panel whereby you’ll find an array of French desserts. Somehow you’ll feel spoiled for choice when you feast your eyes on the dessert.

Ukiyo Cafe Mount Austin JB
Photo: @Yoshiko Tsuchiya (Facebook)

Among the dessert options, you’ll find items like Chocolate Almond Tart (Napa), Giant Raspberry Macarons (Ispahan), Mille-feuille, and many more! You can also find some Japanese fusion food as well as drinks here. This means that you can drop by here for lunch and leave after savouring their desserts.

Ukiyo Cafe Mount Austin JB
Photo: @UkiyoCafe (Facebook)

Sign Yourselves Up For Some Sweet Treat Today

So, if you’re still looking for something sweet to make your day, drop by at Ukiyo Cafe today! Bye!

Address: 17-02, Jalan Austin Heights 8/3, Taman Mount Austin 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Operating Hours: 1 PM-11 PM (Opens Daily)

Status: No Pork, No Lard

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram 

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