Wall’s Special Edition Tealive Boba Ice Cream Is Finally Here In Malaysia

Anyone Tried Bobalicious Yet?

Hi there guys! If there’s one thing we can only have for the rest of our lives, a majority of us would include ice-cream in it, right? Well, maybe some pizza or pasta in there but you get the point. Here in Malaysia, ice creams make the perfect thirst-quenchers. Keeping up to every single new release in the ice cream world isn’t easy but if you do that, you need to keep reading. Because 2 of our favourite Malaysian brands, Wall’s and Tealive have just released a brand new Tealive boba ice cream, Bobalicious!

Wall’s X Tealive Boba Ice Cream Is Perfect For All Ice Cream & Boba Lovers

Wall's Tealive Boba Ice Cream

Over the past few months, the ice cream scene here in Malaysia is nothing but thriving. Speaking of which, did you guys manage to hunt for the viral Durian Mochi ice cream? Wall’s has always been bringing exciting ice cream flavours to light up our days, ever since we were kids. Now, it’s time we get ourselves ready for their new release, the Wall’s Tealive Bobalicious Ice Cream Stick!

Wall's Tealive Boba Ice Cream

Of course, when it comes to Tealive, we will inevitably think of their cups of milk tea with chewy boba pearls. To make our #dudukrumah days more fun, we can now enjoy our Boba Milk Tea in the form of Wall’s ice cream. Yay!

Wall's Tealive Boba Ice Cream

Wall’s is taking things up a few notches as they collaborate with Tealive for their latest creation known as Bobalicious. It’s like fusing a novel ice cream flavour but still retaining a hint of nostalgia with the Bobalicious ice cream sticks.

Wall's Tealive Boba Ice Cream

What you’ll get is a rich milk-tea ice cream base with real chewy pearls in every bite! Now, we can all chew on bubble milk tea.

Wall's Tealive Boba Ice Cream

How Excited Are You Guys To Try This Out?

Now that it’s available in Malaysia, can we get a show of hands from those of you who have tried it? We’ve seen netizens trying it out and are definitely enjoying this epic combo creation. If you’re keen to try out this special edition Wall’s Tealive Boba Ice Cream, let us know! Till next time and let the hunt begin!

Wall's Tealive Boba Ice Cream
Photo: @eanhashim (Instagram Story)

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