This Hidden Restaurant In Johor Is A Floating Canteen That Only Opens On Saturday

Hello, our dearest foodies! Sometimes we just need that little time to escape from our busy week. Some go for a walk along the beach to inhale fresh sea breeze, while others seek comfort in food. Well today, we’ve got a hidden spot that’s got both. It’s a floating restaurant that satisfies lingering homecooked meals. It’s none other than WohBee The Floating Canteen at Kukup Fishing Village.

WohBee The Floating Canteen: A Hidden Gem In A Fishing Village

WohBee is still a hidden gem because the restaurant takes a short 10 minutes to walk from the main entrance of the village. Run by a local Chinese family, they only operate on Saturday each week. While on other days (Monday to Friday), they’ll still be cooking but you’ve got to book first! Expect to dine into homecooked cuisine cooked by the boss herself on weekdays, because it’s their specialty.

Photo: @wohbee_canteen (Instagram)

Easily spotted with a slanted rooftop and a wooden-themed exterior, you’d be more surprised with the interior looks. Rustic feel that brings back old memories, each wooden furniture is handmade by the owner’s family to make the place feel just like home. Not to mention, there are also wide windows that open to the sea, just to bring in some fresh cool breeze.

Photo: @hyoonhee (Instagram)
Photo: @hailai

Homecooked Meal Is The Way To Go

Alright now that you guys know how Instagrammable this place is worth, shall we look at what food they have? Here at WohBee, you’ll find Chinese home-cooked style dishes that perfectly go with a bowl of white rice. The first thing you need to know is seafood dishes here are a must order! Large prawns, freshly caught fish and even crabs, just choose your favourite way to cook!

Photo: @spau73 (Instagram)
Photo: @spau73 (Instagram)

Other than digging into seafood dishes next to the sea, they’re also famous for their charcoal braised pork. Each pork meat is chosen with a good balance of fat and meaty part, so it just melts in your mouth. It’s no wonder why it’s famous here! Additionally, their five fragrance pork roll is a snack not to miss too.

Photo: @spau73 (Instagram)

February Is Going To Be A Little Bit Different

WohBee The Floating Canteen will be operating with only bookings for this whole month! So make sure to give them a call first before you go. Oh, and did we mention they’ll be showing movies too? Just like when we’re a child, we love to watch movies or drama while we eat (even though we always get scolded by our mom). Anyways, now you can do that there!

Photo: @wohbee_canteen (Instagram)

Address: Kukup, 82300 Pontian, Johor. (WohBee The Floating Canteen 和美水上食堂)

Operating Hours: 7:30 PM – 11 PM (Only On Saturday)

Status: Non-Halal

Links: Facebook | Instagram

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