This Steamboat Shop in Johor Lets You Dine & Matchmake With Other Diners

Goodbye Lonely Meal!

Hi there foodies! With the food scene constantly evolving, today we have a piece of food news that will definitely intrigue you. There’s a new steamboat shop in Kulai that lets you dine and at the same time, matchmake you with other diners. Keep reading to find out more!

Have You Tried Johor’s First Ever Steamboat + Matchmaking?

So, have you guys ever dine out alone and come to the realization that it gets pretty lonely sometimes? Also, not to mention the weird stares from other passersby. If you’ve ever been in this awkward dining situation, then this latest steamboat opening is made for you. Here are some visual representations of how it would look like:

steamboat matchmaking shop in Johor
Photo: @xingfuxiaoguo (Facebook)

Forget swiping right on your mobile phones, now you can meet potential candidates while eating and all you gotta do is just knock! Say whutttt? Yup, that’s right. This is how it goes. You step foot into the shop and order your meal. Right in front of you is a border that can be retracted upon pressing a button. Knock twice (or thrice), press the button when you’re ready and the border separating you from another complete stranger will be removed. Then, you will be face to face with another diner. Yup, that easy.

steamboat matchmaking shop in Johor
Photo: @xingfuxiaoguo (Facebook)

Some may find this concept out of the norm but take it as a way to make dining alone more fun. Besides, it’s no harm to make more friends right? Now you can, just by dining at this restaurant in Kulai.

steamboat matchmaking shop in Johor
Photo: @xingfuxiaoguo (Facebook)

Check out the full video here:

This unique concept of dining and matchmaking was viral over TikTok and we certainly have to credit their novelty. So, what do you think of this? Are you guys game to try? Or do you enjoy the bliss of dining alone? Let us know in the comments!

Address:  62&63, Jalan Kenanga 29/5 Indahpura, Indahpura Kulai, Johor

Operating Hours: Sunday – Thursday : 12PM – 11PM | Friday – Saturday : 12PM – 1AM

Social Media: Facebook 

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