This Drive-Thru Event In JB Lets You Recycle Pre-Loved Items & Get RM10 Coffee Voucher

With Chinese New Year around the corner, everyone is busy Marie Kondo-ing their homes. When you decide to declutter your space, don’t you wish your pre-loved items can be donated instead of ridding them off for good? Well, good news to all Johoreans because the Yellow Bin Drive-Thru recycling event is taking place in JB right now!

Yellow Bin Drive-Thru Recycling Event JB

We’re sure everyone knows what Yellow Bin is right? Yellow Bin is a non-religious eco-project. The recycling team is set up in the residential settlements in Selangor, KL, Malacca, and Johor. Additionally, Yellow Bin has a mission to promote the concept of environmental protection. This means that when you spot a Yellow Bin, you can recycle all your pre-loved materials such as electrical appliances, clothes, and more.

Yellow Bin Drive Thru Recycle JB
Photo: @thefactorythirty (Facebook)

Today, we’re here to spread the word about a joint collaboration among Yellow Bin, Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30, and PYNGZeroWaste. With the pandemic ongoing, we are all adapting to the new norm. So in line with this, Yellow Bin is organizing a Drive-Thru recycling event that’s much safer and convenient.

Yellow Bin Drive Thru Recycle JB
Photo: @thefactorythirty (Facebook)
Yellow Bin Drive Thru Recycle JB
Photo: @thefactorythirty (Facebook)

From today until 7th February 2021, just drop by at JWC, The Factory 30 and donate your items with zero physical contact. Here are the items that you can donate:

  • Old clothes
  • Small electronics and electrical appliances
  • Used cooking oil
  • Re-usable furniture (Pickup service @07-230 6290 Mon.-Sat. 8.30 am – 5.00 pm)

Also, there will be a booth set up by the team behind PYNGZerowaste. Here, you can purchase their environment-friendly products such as Safety Razor, Solid Toothpaste, Reusable Cotton Pad, and more.

Yellow Bin Drive Thru Recycle JB
Photo: @thefactorythirty (Facebook)

Get Vouchers From JWC & PYNGZerowaste When You Join This Event

Oh, and did we mention if you take part in this event, you can also get an RM10 JWC voucher as well as a 10% discount voucher for PYNGZerowaste! So it’s like while you do your part to conserve the environment by recycling, you will, in turn, be rewarded with awesome vouchers.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to declutter, recycle and practise a sustainable lifestyle this 2021.

Location: JWC, The Factory 30

Date: Until 7th February 2021

Time: 12.00 PM-6.00 PM

Link: Facebook

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