Oreo, M&M’s, Twix, Kellogg’s & Snickers Yogurt Snack Is Now Available In Johor


  • YoCrunch yogurt is available in Johor
  • They’re essentially yogurt with Oreo, Twix, Kelloggs, M&M’s and even Snickers toppings
  • Each cup is priced at RM13.20
  • Available in Ben’s Independent Grocer, Mall of Medini.

YoCrunch: Yogurt With So Many Fun Toppings

Hi there guys! It’s us again, bringing you the latest and most updated news about Johor’s food scene. While we know you guys prefer local makan spots in Johor, but today, we need to tell you guys this. If you’re a huge fan of chocolates and candies ranging from Oreo, M&M’s, Twix and more, this post if for you. The YoCrunch yogurt is here in Malaysia!

YoCrunch Johor
Photo: @VisitJohor (Facebook)

In case you’re wondering, what exactly is YoCrunch, we’ve got your back. YoCrunch is a  renowned yogurt brand hailed all the way from the United States of America. And, they don’t just launch ordinary tubs of low-fat yogurt, but in fact, they made this creation that we’re all so thankful for.

YoCrunch Johor
Photo: @VisitJohor (Facebook)

They added toppings from Oreo, Twix, Kelloggs, M&M’s and even Snickers!

YoCrunch Johor
Photo: @VisitJohor (Facebook)
YoCrunch Johor
Picture: @VisitJohor (Facebook)
YoCrunch Johor
Photo: @VisitJohor (Facebook)

Without a doubt, this will change your perception about yogurt consumption because come on, who knew we could indulge this way? Thanks a lot, YoCrunch! So, these items were spotted in Ben’s Independent Grocer, Mall of Medini. Each cup is priced at only RM 13.20 and weighs 113g.

Photo: @B.I.G (Instagram)

So, this time around, forget about your plain ‘ol yogurt and instead, hope on the fun train with YoCrunch! Pick from a variety of toppings and here’s the best part: they’re pocket size! This means that you can have your breakfast on the go. It’s like convenience, fun, and everything packed into this pocket-size yogurt. Get yours now!

Source: VisitJohor

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