You Can Now Get 2 KFC All Time Favourite Meals For Only RM9.90

Loaded Potato Bowl included!


  • KFC introduce “Any 2” promotion.
  • Pick any 2 items in the offer for only RM9.90.
  • Choices included are Loaded Potato Bowl, Cheezy Popcorn Bowl, Colonel Burger, and 6 pieces of chicken nuggets.

Looks like we are in for a treat! Here’s how you can indulge with KFC’s delicious menu while staying on budget. Not to mention that this deal offers dishes that can make you feel full with only one serving.

KFC offer
Photo: KFCMalaysia (Facebook)

Get 2 KFC Favourites For Only RM9.90!

Recently, KFC rolled out an unbelievable offer in which you can choose 2 out of 4 KFC favorites for only RM9.90. However, this promotion will only be available when you order through KFC Delivery or Self Collect Service. All you have to do is type in the coupon code [ANY2] before making a payment for your orders.

4 Delicious Items To Choose From

Here’s what you can choose in this deal:

1. Loaded Potato Bowl

kfc any 2 deals

2. Cheezy Popcorn Bowl

kfc any 2 deals

3. 6 Pieces of Nuggets

kfc any 2 deals

4. Colonel Burger

kfc any 2 deals

Available Now

All you have to do is order your meals online through KFC website or app and choose either delivery or takeaway. Remember to avoid physical contact and maintain social distancing when you are outside ya!

Link(s): Facebook | Website

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