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50% Off On Godiva Softserve & Chocolixir Until 28th July 2019 (Here’s How)

Calling All Godiva Lovers!

Hello hello fellow foodies! Today, we’re back with a piece of sweet treat that will definitely lift up your mood. We’re talking about the kind that will have you jumping for joy due to a possible sugar rush attack. Sounds cool? Great! So, Godiva will be offering us half price for their exclusive ice cream and chocolate drinks range. Find out exactly how by scrolling down!

Godiva Softserve & Chocolixir At 50% Discount

Godiva 50% Softserve
Photo: @GodivaMalaysia (Facebook)

Hold it guys, before we reveal to you exactly how you can get this sweet treat up your sleeves, let’s talk a little about Godiva. Since some of your chocolate lovers will probably skip through this, but let’s do it anyway for the general public, kay?

Godiva 50% Softserve
Photo: @GodivaMalaysia (Facebook)

Godiva is a premium chocolate brand from Belgium and it has been around since 1926. Of course, the very first store is brought to existence by Father Draps and is later on brought to success by his family members. Also, the name Godiva did not exist until the year 1966 when its very first joint started to operate in United States of America.

Godiva 50% Softserve
Photo: @GodivaMalaysia (Facebook)

Fun Fact: GODIVA Chocolatier now owns and operates more than 600 boutiques and shops worldwide. Thus this is the kind of testament that will have you screaming high-quality, top notch chocolates only, right? But not so much since they also venture into ice-cream making (YES) so they’re pretty good at all things chocolate dessert.

Godiva 50% Softserve
Photo: @GodivaMalaysia (Facebook)

Done with the history, now let’s get back to how you can sink your teeth into this premium Chocolate and Ice Cream brand. Of course, without breaking any holes in your pockets. All you gotta do is this, Buy 1 Godiva (Softserve or Chocolixir) and have the 2nd one at half price. So worthy right? This means you can choose to buy their Softserve or Chocolixir drinks and stand to have another at half price.

Godiva 50% Softserve & Chocolixir
Photo: @GodivaMalaysia (Facebook)

Well since Godiva is a rare chocolate connoisseur in Malaysia, this deal is only available at their limited (6) joints across Malaysia. For your convenience, we’ve listed the deal in brief here:

Buy 1 Godiva (Softserve or Chocolixir) & 50% OFF 2nd Purchase

Promo Period: Now until 28th July 2019

Available at: 

Bangsar Shopping Centre
MyTOWN Shopping Centre
Central i-City
Gurney Paragon Mall
Johor Bahru City Square
IMAGO Shopping Mall

Godiva 50% Softserve & Chocolixir
Photo: @GodivaMalaysia (Facebook)

Oh, before we forget, this sweet deal won’t be around for long so share it with your friend and enjoy them together! Besides, sharing is caring and the more is always the merrier right? Till next time!

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