KFC Damansara Aliff At Jalan Tampoi, Johor Is Closing Temporarily

UPDATE: KFC Damansara Aliff is only closing a week for maintenance works

Credit: azzrn_azwa

It’s no doubt that the pandemic has severely affected our livelihood. Ever since Malaysia’s first Movement Control Order, a majority of businesses are forced to take a hiatus. Some may be temporary but there are also some that have shut down for good. One of them is KFC Damansara Aliff located at Jalan Tampoi, Johor.

KFC Damansara Aliff, Jalan Tampoi Has Ceased Operations

This isn’t the first KFC outlet in Johor to permanently cease its operations. In fact, back in January, JB’s very first KFC outlet at Holiday Plaza has announced its permanent closure. Did you know that the KFC outlet was established in 1983?

KFC Damansara Aliff Jalan Tampoi Closed
Photo: @TheJohorDT (Facebook)
KFC Damansara Aliff Jalan Tampoi Closed
Photo: @TheJohorDT (Facebook)

According to photos by The Johor, the KFC outlet seems deserted with no patrons at sight. Moreover, there is also an official notice stating that KFC has ceased operations at this particular restaurant.

KFC Damansara Aliff Jalan Tampoi Closed
Photo: @TheJohorDT (Facebook)
KFC Damansara Aliff Jalan Tampoi Closed
Photo: @TheJohorDT (Facebook)

Thanks For The Memories

Certainly, everyone is having a difficult time staying afloat during such a trying time. So, do you have fond memories at KFC Damansara Aliff? Share with us in the comments below and let’s take a trip down memory lane.

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