MCO 2.0: Johor Sultan Allows Friday Mosque Prayer With Conditions

It’s been almost 10 months since the COVID-19 outbreak hit the world. And now Malaysia declared a two-week movement-control order for several states. However, Johor Sultan is taking the initiative to allow Friday prayer, as well as the marriage solemnization during MCO 2.0 but with conditions.

MCO 2.0: Johor Allows Friday Prayer & Solemnization But With Conditions

Sultan Ibrahim said in order to comply with the MCO 2.0, and several considerations have been made. The restrictions included:

  • The daily five prayers and Friday congregational prayers at mosques and suraus, where there must not be more than 12 congregants, that will include those involved as the mosque and surau officials as well as their respective committee members.

  • Activities that require longer time such as religious classes and talks, Quranic programs and other events will not be allowed.
  • Activities at Muslim cemeteries, the burying of a decease will be limited to not more than 20 people consisting of workers and relatives.
Photo: @officialsultanibrahim (Facebook)
Photo: @officialsultanibrahim (Facebook)
  • Muslim marriages in the state, for solemnization, were only allowed at the district kadi’s office, where it is only limited to the couple and their wali coming from the same district and have the approval for the marriage prior to the MCO.
Photo: @officialsultanibrahim (Facebook)

Follow The Predefined Guidelines!

Stay safe and always follow the guidelines for all parties’ ease. Always be patient and persevere in these trying times with the enforcement of the MCO 2.0.

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