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Nasi Ayam Kee Chup: This Stall In JB Has One Of The Most Savoury Chicken Sauce That’s A Must-Try

Who Can Say To No Crispy Fried Chicken!

Hello, foodies! We all have our local favourites in each state but when it comes to Johor, Nasi Ayam is definitely a must-try food. Today, we are introducing this stall called, Nasi Ayam Kee Chup – that’s known for their crispy fried chicken and deliciously savoury chicken sauce that you must-try.

You Can Now Get Nasi Ayam Kee Chup Delivered To Your Doorstep

Photo: @faraaaeats (Instagram)

Opened back in December 2019 and a year into its inception, Nasi Ayam Kee Chup is highly popular among locals for their chicken rice and nostalgic ambiance. Their Nasi Ayam comes with crispy fried chicken but the real winner here is their signature sauce. Priced at RM11.00 on GrabFood only, you can now order this delicious meal to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Photo: @keechup (Instagram)

Crispy Fried Chicken That’s Freshly Cooked Daily

Photo: @faraaeats (Instagram)

They freshly prepare their chicken daily and that’s what makes it so delicious! The chicken is marinated with their homemade sauce and it is then deep-fried to perfection. Resulting in crispy, juicy, and tender fried chicken that goes so well with their signature sauce and homemade chilli. In addition, you can also just get a whole chicken leg for RM7.50 on GrabFood Signatures when you order via GrabFood.

Photo: @h_starlight (Instagram)

Order Now To Satisfy Your Nasi Ayam Cravings

Photo: @erwantahir (Instagram)

You can find Nasi Ayam Kee Chup on GrabFood Signatures, which are restaurants that only deliver on GrabFood. So, whenever you’re feeling hungry, sit back and have Nasi Ayam delivered to your house when you order via GrabFood.

On the Grab app, go to GrabFood Signatures and search “Nasi Ayam Kee Chup” to place your orders and get it delivered to you in less than 30 minutes!

Download the Grab app now to order.

The article was written by Ray Chel Ng.

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