The Next Camp: A Unique Camping-Themed Cafe In Johor Bahru

Hello Foodies! Anyone who loves cafe-hunting in JB will tell you that there are plenty of cool spots in and around the city that you can visit. From nature-themed cafes to beautiful rustic cafes and minimalist cafes, the choice is endless! Now, if you’re looking for space where you can kick back, relax and peacefully meditate, The Next Camp Cafe is your answer.

The Next Camp: A New Camping Style Experience

@thenextcamp8 (Instagram)

Located at Mount Austin, this aesthetic cafe is one of the many Insta-worthy spots that should be on everyone’s to-visit list. With rows upon rows of tents, this place is practically made to either rekindle your passion for wanderlust or fuel it even more! It’s definitely a great place to get work done or have a relaxing hangout with friends. Grab a table at any one of their comfortable camping chairs and sink into the comfy couches for a day of relaxing.

@thenextcamp8 (Instagram)
@thenextcamp8 (Instagram)

Take a break and order yourself some pasta, rice, or grilled chicken. Plus, even the food here is served in camping cookware! If you’re planning to stay at the cafe a little longer, their selection of dessert options will be perfect for you. Treat yourself at the end of the meal with a tea and yogurt lime or stick to a classic cup of coffee.

@cloverlau_lucky (Instagram)
@thenextcamp8 (Instagram)

With cozy vibes and various yummy dishes, you’ve found the perfect spot to unwind with some good vibe and relax the day away. You’ll definitely want to snap a photo and get it up on your feed!

@thenextcamp8 (Instagram)

Address: 26-01, Austin Heights Road 3/2, Mount Austin Park, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor

Hours: 12 PM – 10 PM (Opens Daily)

Status: Non Halal

Social Media: Facebook I Instagram

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