Soak Beside The Waterfall And Sleep Under The Stars At This Hidden Camping Site In Johor

It's almost magical!

Some people find happiness in nature. If you are one of the people who crave a nature-filled weekend then you either need; an escape from your mundane life, or you are an adventure seeker. Assuming that you have trouble sleeping, this is the kind of change you need to make in your life my friend.

Takah Pengkoi
Photo: @muhdkhairin (Instagram)

Takah Pengkoi Treehouse

takah pengkoi
Photo: @muhdkhairin (Instagram)

Somewhere around Bekok, Johor, there’s an ever so calming waterfall that’s hidden in a camping site called Takah Pengkoi. And although this camping site is far away from any network connection, people keep on coming back. Thanks to the natives that have been guarding it for decades, the magnificent waterfall remained unscathed. They even built 35-foot-high tree houses out of only woods and branches to preserve the nature surrounding it.

takah pengkoi
Photo: @muhdkhairin (Instagram)

Be Completely In The Moment

Takah Pengkoi
Photo: @zl_hlmy (Instagram)

Splash around the waterfall, have a barbeque feast, or simply gaze at the stars, whatever you do, the choice is yours. If you simply want to visit the hidden waterfall, just pay an entrance fee of RM15. You definitely won’t regret the trip.

Takah Pengkoi
Photo: @qayyumsunawan (Instagram)

Complete Facilities For A Comfortable Stay

Surprisingly, although this scenic spot is far from civilization, it provides everything you need for a comfortable stay. Toilet, electricity, surau, and even barbeque grills are provided. Additionally, this exclusive nature escape reserve will only accept 50 visitors at a time to avoid overcrowding. So don’t worry and try something different for once.

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